Why Invest in local projects with CEG?

Access to off market properties

The way investing in real estate used to be done required a person to know all the intricacies of the market, crunch all the numbers, and most important...locate the profitable deal muddled between the mediocre and risky. Well not anymore! CEG uses marketing methods to get to high yielding deals before the masses.

Choose your specific project

Contrary to what most believe, all investors are not created alike. Different strategy types, goals and desires must be met in order for someone to achieve true wealth. We add a high level of diversity to the deals we do and also allow the investor to choose a project that's close to their geographic location.

Work direct with the partners

Because the deals we're doing don't originate from Wall Street, you're never charged "middleman fees". The most alluring part of our approach is that the partners are all hands on and you don't get passed around from rep to rep, you actually get to build a strong relationship with the co-founders. We understand that this business is not just about money, it's about the relationship.

Enhance your community

These transactions are ones that are carefully picked as they're not only profitable, but they also increase the worth of the community and surrounding neighborhood. We're very diligent in the selection process and want to make sure we're adding value to the surrounding area.

Connect with like-minded investors

Our company has broken the mold on what "traditional" and "normal" look like. This isn't some stuffy and pompous atmosphere, quite the opposite. We firmly believe in the collective movement of the group and that's why we've built an interactive community. The concept of exchanging ideas and perspectives is what propels us forward.

No guesswork or hard labor - CEG has that covered!

CEG allows individuals to actually invest in real estate without any of the guesswork, labor or costs involved. The simple fact that the market is starting to appreciate and in essence "heat up" again, means one thing; those that enter the market now will make financial leaps and bounds in the near future.               

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