As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of multiple businesses such as JD Principal Mgmt, Inc. and Absolute Capital Homes, LLC, the knowledge possessed and demonstrated by Jonathan ranges from strategic financial planning and risk management to capital fund-raising & educational development. He has a genuine passion to improve policies and programs in order to accomplish and reap the full benefits of the projected mission objectives and goals.

Jonathan’s positive “never-say- never” attitude coupled with his obsession for social and economic networking and problem-solving proficiencies, make him the perfect energetic and youthful authority to any business, start-up, or joint venture.

With Jonathan as founder of Absolute Capital Homes LLC, over the past seven years, the business lines of Absolute Capital & its subsidiaries have adjusted and adapted to meet the ever-changing conditions present in the business life cycle with over $7 million in completed real estate deals. Since 2004, they have been a provider of affordable, high quality single and multi-family housing and have expanded its business model to include educational mentorship programs, debt negotiation and strategic joint ventures.

Queens, NY
Alma Mater
University of Delaware